Semi Trucks



 Semi Trucks

Pure Street Stock Semi

This is a class for street legal and street licensed semi trucks.
Legality of entry:
1. All entries must be a street licensed semi truck.
2. The owner must furnish a current registration card for the vehicle at the time of registration and the driver must have a valid CDL license.
3. Truck must be capable of pulling a trailer on the highway.
4. All trucks must be driven to pulls
Safety considerations:
1. No riders are permitted in truck during pull attempt. Driver may not leave the drivers seat while vehicle is on the pulling track. Driver will take all direction from the flagman on the track.
2. Drivers must use a seatbelt and shoulder harness when hooked to the sled.
3. Must be 16 years old, unless approved by track officials.
1. Hitch height to be determined by promoter.
2. Hitch must work from the fifth wheel with the fifth wheel centered between center line of front axle to the center between the two axles.
Weight of Truck (20,000 lb. maximum)
1. The truck shall appear “road ready”.
2. No added weight or ballast is permitted.
3. Special trucks, such as oil field trucks that carry additional weight that is not normally found on a “road ready” truck are not permitted in this class.
4. The promoter may weigh any truck at any time.
5. Trucks will triple rear axles are not permitted to participate in this class.
Specialty Rules:
1. Chaining or blocking of drive axles is not permitted.
2. A single turbo-charger is the maximum permitted. Exception: a Factory 2006, 2007, 2008 Cat twin turbo engine is permitted with factory installed twin turbo set up and absolutely no modifications. Also NTC 475 Cummins factory twin turbo set ups are allowed.
3. Water injection in any form is not permitted.
4. No ether, alcohol, nitrous or other combustible (propellant) liquid or combustible material may be injected into the turbocharger or any part of the air intake system.
5. Alteration/modification/replacement of the (OEM) original factory fuel pump is not permitted. No pump may be modified with Sigma parts. A Cummins engine must have a Cummins fuel pump—A Detroit must have a Detroit fuel pump – A Cat must have a Cat fuel pump. Normal pump diesel is the only fuel permitted in this class.

** Must have a minimum of 66'' from the center of the tandems to the first structure obstruction such as the bunk, toolbox, cab, etc. This is the minimum swing clearance needed to pull a trailer.

Stock Semi
20,000 pounds

Ballast is permitted truck frame & ballast cannot extend rearward beyond 42” from center of rear drive axle. Hanging weight in front is not permitted. Special trucks, such as oil field or any other truck that carry additional weight not normally found on road ready semis are not permitted. Final decisions rests with the technical department.
The Batteries must be securely mounted,. They may not be located in the driver compartment or forward of the radiator core support.
Trucks must have a minimum of 66” inches from the center of the tandems to the first structural obstruction such as the bunk, headache rack, tool box, etc, this is the minimum swing clearance needed to pull a trailer.
Rear wheel air or hydraulic functional brakes are mandatory.
Computer Chips and Boxes:
Use of these for engine performance is allowed. No traction control boxes permitted.
All drivers must have a valid state driver’s license and at least 16 years old, unless approved by track officials.
Driver Restraint System:
The OEM restraint system is mandatory and must be worn when hooked to the sled. Helmets are recommended but not required.
Engine must be stock appearing. Engine in the truck must have been available in a class 8 truck.
Fire Extinguisher System:
A fire extinguisher system is permitted, it must be securely mounted All vehicles must have at least a 2 ½ lb extinguisher with working gauge mounted within drivers reach.
Normal pump diesel, soy diesel is the only fuel permitted in the class. The diesel fuel must pass any and all fuel test administered by TRACK OFFICAL(S). OEM factory fuel pumps only. No fuel pump may be modified with sigma parts. Cummins must have Cummins fuel pump, Detroit, Detroit fuel pump, CAT, CAT fuel pump, etc.
A complete interior must be in place. Aftermarket seats a permitted. The OEM seatbelt restraint must be worn. After market gauges are allowed. All factory controls (lights, horn, signals, windows, wipers, etc.) must be retained and operative. The uses of hand throttles are prohibited.
Nitrous Oxide:
Nitrous Oxide is prohibited. No other oxygen extenders are allowed. All system components must be removed from the truck.
Propane is prohibited. All system components must be removed from the truck unless for demonstration purposes only.
The vehicle must retain the OEM steering gear and OEM power steering if equipped.
Street Equipment:
Complete headlight and taillights assemblies are mandatory. Complete OEM windshield and all other windows are mandatory. Must have a 4” back up light installed.
The tires must be DOT street tires. No cut tires permitted.
Transmission must have been available in a class 8truck. All transmissions or clutch pedals will have a safety interlock switch so that vehicle will not start in gear.
A single turbocharger of any size is permitted. Truck must have same turbo that came with the engine, no mix & matching. Exception: The factory 2006, 2007, 2008 CAT twin Tubos is permitted with the factory installed setup with no modifications. Also the Cummins NTC factory twin turbo setup is also allowed in factory installed setup with no modifications.
U-Joint Shield - Are Recommended
Trucks with triple rear drive axles are not permitted, unless approved by track officials.

Hot Stock Semi

Must be securely mounted & remain on outside of frame rail, rearward of front axle. Battery is not permitted in driver compartment.
Both drive axles must have working brakes. Parking brake chambers are recomended on both drive axles.
Must appear as a stock truck & have all street equipment. Must have 4” back up light, OEM steering and stock interior.
Dress Code:
Helmet and Fire suite is highly recommended, but not required.
Drive Restraint System:
OEM restraint system is mandatory.
Electric Engine Control:
ECM must be factory with factory connections. All ECM controls from factory. Cummins engine must have Cummins ECM, CAT must have CAT ECM, Detroit must have Detroit ECM, etc.
Any engine is allowed but not to exceed V-8. 12V71 Detroit at track officials discretion. Fan blade must be a fiberglass blade & be inside a heavy fiberglass shroud. Metal fan blades are allowed.
Exhaust must discharge vertically, no turn-out style pipe allowed. No through the hood exhaust stack.
Fifth Wheel:
Must be a working fifth wheel. The fifth wheel plate position will be no further forward than the center of the front axle & no further back then the center between the 2 axles.
Fire Extinguisher:
All trucks must have a 2 1/2 lb. or larger dry powder or Haylon extinguisher within reach of driver.
May not extend rearward beyond 42” from center of rear axle.
Diesel fuel only.
Puller must supply their own hitch. Hitch must pull from a standard fifth wheel. Center line of rear axle to hook point must not be greater than 7’. Minimum of 66” of unobstructed area from the center of the fifth wheel forward to the first obstruction. Hitch must be capable to adjust to 20” or lower with suspension pull ready. Hook point must have a 3 1/2” hole.
Kill Switch: - Recommended
All trucks are required to have a kill switch located on rear of truck at hook point. Must have air guillotine of a spring loaded type. No butterfly type kill switch. A minimum of 2” solid ring is re-quired. Fuel kill is optional.
Must have DOT approved tires, no cutting of tires permitted.
A single turbo charger is permitted with a maximum intake wheel inducer bore size of 4.100. Tur-bo size will be checked using a 4.150 plug. Turbo cannot be bushed down from a larger size. No oval shaped inducer bores. Compressor wheel must extend into the inducer bore a minimum of .125, factory style map width enhancement groove is permitted no other means for air to get into compressor wheel are permitted. Exception; factory 2006—2007, 2009 CAT and Cummins. NTC with factory twin turbo setup with no modifications.
U-Joint—Shields Recommended but not required.
Class is open to three axle truck tractors with tendon drive axle, driving steer axle’s are not al-lowed. Truck must maintain “street ready” appearance. Vehicle does not need license or inspec-tion.
Water Injection:
Water injection is permitted, whole water injection system must be visible. Any combustible gas or liquid is not permitted to be injected, alcohol, NOS.
Weight with driver may not exceed 20,000lbs. All trucks will weigh, where capable. No hanging weight in front of vehicle. Extra ballast weight are permitted but cannot block hitch or extend rearward beyond 42” from center of rear drive axle.